We have an exciting announcement for Tico Souza this season: he has been chosen as a recipient for the Humber Seed Venture Fund $10,000 grant!
Congratulations to Tico on this great achievement which will greatly help in advancing his music career, contributing to the recording of his new upcoming album: North & South.
The first part of the album, North, is already on it’s way. Tico has been recording with the Tico Souza Trio in Toronto, bringing original compositions influenced by North American music, mainly jazz.
The second part of the album, South, will harvest more of a Brazilian vibe, demonstrating a contrast of South American sounds. Tico will be spending three months of the Winter season in Brazil to record South, bringing in some of the true Brazilian roots and energy from the culture.
This is going to be Tico’s main focus this season, so get ready for some new music coming your way.